How to Pitch a New Idea at a Business Meeting

“The secret to selling great work is to sell the idea of the work before you sell the work.”

Peter Coughter, The Art of the Pitch: Persuasion and Presentation Skills that Win Business.

It could be a new project, service, a form of funding or even the idea that closing at 3pm on a Friday would benefit the company as well as employees. Pitching a new idea at a business meeting is all about being clear, credible and compelling. Once your audience is invested, you’ve won half the battle.

With these tips you’ll be able to better outline the value of your idea, gain buy-in from the stakeholders that matter and ultimately turn your thinking into a reality.

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How Susan B. Anthony Used Logos and Ethos to Persuade

Some of history’s most famous orators have motivated their listeners to action using a simple technique: convincing them that they can help solve a problem, because they are part of it.

Susan B. Anthony, one of America’s most celebrated suffragists, used this persuasive technique with great success. By employing the logos and ethos methods, she was able to build powerful arguments against women’s inequality, American slavery, and other causes.

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The tone of voice you use will be instrumental in the delivery of your presentation

How To Project Your Voice To Deliver a Standout Presentation

What you project can make or break a presentation. No matter how well-written they are, it won’t guarantee that you will be heard. To hook your audience and maintain their interest, you will also need to present it well.

That’s when your voice comes into play. Without the shadow of a doubt, its role is significant in getting your message across. Indeed, the tone you use will be instrumental in the delivery of your presentation as it will reflect your personality, your confidence and your passion for the subject. In other words it will give you credibility (or not).

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How Winston Churchill Presented His Speeches To Inspire

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next presentation, who better than Winston Churchill? Churchill’s words inspired most of the Western world to fight the Nazis in World War II – he is someone who we can all learn from.

In this article we will dig deeper to understand exactly how his speaking style and rhetoric inspired his audiences, using his two most famous speeches, “We shall fight on the beaches” (June 4, 1940) and “Finest Hour” (June 18, 1940) as case studies.

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7 Ways to Visualise Data for Presentations

Research shows that around 65% of people are visual learners. In the wider population, it has been proven that a combination of verbal and visual information is by far the most effective way to ensure information is remembered.

Armed with this knowledge, you can use a variety of techniques to visualise your data, process or arguments to deliver more effective presentations.

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Group and Team Presentations: The Apple Way

Team presentations can change the fortunes of a business.

January 7, 2007. An audience of tech journalists, influencers and industry luminaries wait in hushed silence as the lights fall in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. For months, rumours have swirled of a new tech product that will revolutionise the industry. Into a single spotlight walks one of the most famous men in tech history, wearing his signature blue jeans and black polo neck.

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How to Influence an Audience When You Lack Authority

Many presentations are doomed to fail from the start because the presenter believes they lack authority. We see so many clients who are genuinely scared about presenting to a room full of eminent people, but they really shouldn’t be. It’s amazing to see how the very same people can change their outlook completely once we give them some quite basic advice. So we will share this advice now, and we will make the promise that all of the tips and tricks we are about to share are applicable to absolutely anybody, whatever level of ‘authority’ you think you may have.

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The Limits of Persuasion

There’s plenty to argue about in the world at the moment. In fact, the abundance of divisive topics, dubious rhetoric, and dumbfounding misinformation that’s made it’s way to headlines tend to inspire apathy rather than action.

Often a thought that crosses the mind of any person arguing is “why don’t they get it?”. After presenting evidence and passionately delivering reasons as to why their thinking is correct, many are left bewildered when they’re met by an unwavering brick wall of disagreement and an opposing point of view.

How do you persuade someone to your way of thinking? What influences someone’s decisions? Surely no one can dispute unrelenting evidence and deny something that the majority interpret as fact? Or can they? Is evidence really enough or is emotion or devotion a factor?  

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How To Move With Purpose

A friend of mine who delivers training regularly at work (let’s call him Mick!) recently told me that he was taken aback during a session when someone in his group asked him to stop moving around so much as they couldn’t concentrate properly.

My friend was confused, as he thought that movement helped with audience engagement. But, in this case, his movement was hindering it. I advised him that he needed to consider MOVEMENT WITH PURPOSE.

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