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A must for anyone presenting on a regular basis. (Dec 2016)

Wesley Mission Victoria
Wesley Mission Victoria

The best training course I have attended at the ASX and certainly better than other presentation skills I have done. I feel that I have learnt many things I will actually use.

Australian Securities Exchange
Australian Securities Exchange

Extremely effective and very usable for my future role with the company (July 2015).

Royal Canin
Royal Canin

Incredibly valuable and beneficial experience (Aug 2015).

Great, I would highly recommend this course to other colleagues and friends outside Brookfield Multiplex (Oct 2015).

Brookfield Multiplex
Brookfield Multiplex

Designed for people in business who are beginning to present more frequently in their career and are looking to to lift their presenting confidence, professionalism and personal impact. From presentation planning to delivery, this hands-on, practical program is ideal for those making presentations to clients, business partners or suppliers and presenting to management, peers or direct reports.

Our unique approach using a range of proven tools and techniques comprehensively builds participants’ skills in preparation, planning, structure and delivery; transforming their ability to present clear and compelling presentations with confidence.

Key components

  • 2-day program for up to 8 participants (can be run in a condensed format as a 1-day program)
  • How to use secondnature’s Presentation Mapper™ – four steps which guarantee clear, impactful presentations every time
  • Techniques to bring the content to life and to maintain audience engagement
  • Creating a positive 1st impression, setting the scene, earning the right to be heard*
  • How to effectively answer questions, even those we don’t know the answer to*
  • Proven techniques for delivery success – how to harness our voice, pausing, facial expressions, eye contact, gestures, movement and body language
  • Seven visual principles for developing clear, effective PowerPoint® slides*
  • Strategies for conquering nerves, before and during a presentation
  • How to close a presentation to achieve the outcomes we want or need

Key results

  • Compelling presentations which are clear,concise and easy to follow
  • Transformed ability to get a message across and maintain the engagement of the audience
  • Significantly reduced preparation time
  • Dramatically increased presenter confidence and credibility
  • Professional slides that add interest and impact to the presentation
  • Practical techniques for managing questions and questioners effectively*
  • Confidence to control an audience and maintain their respect*
  • Presentations that will deliver real business results for the participant and for their organisation

* Components and results exclusive to the 2-day program

With twice the skills practice and individualised coaching guidance, plus further in-depth content than our 1-day program, the 2-day program is is our recommended option providing a highly immersive environment and dramatic transformations in presenting performance.


Present with Confidence 2-day       Present with Confidence 1-day

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