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Every secondnature program has at its core a genuine undertaking to embrace, harness and leverage people’s natural personality.

This means that, unlike almost every other provider, we do not adopt a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach to developing people’s presentation skills.

Why do we believe working with people’s natural personality is so important for improving their confidence, impact and effectiveness as presenters? Because everyone has their own unique personality, and the most obvious way that our personality gets expressed is through the way we communicate. And if individuals have their own unique personality, it follows that they have their own way of communicating – a unique communication style. It is a key tenet of the secondnature approach that individuals enhance their presentation performance by developing skills that reflect their natural personality.

We believe the more that we can help people to develop their own natural and authentic presentation style, the more they’ll feel 100% comfortable and confident applying the skills they learn in the workshop back in to the workplace (that’s why we’re called ‘secondnature’ because our approach helps embed skills that become…secondnature!). Ultimately, the greater the sustainability of the learning, the greater the return on investment for both the individual and the business.

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