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Belinda Huckle
Founder and Managing Director

Gavin Keeble
Founder and General Manager

Cheryl Brown
Senior Consultant | Melbourne

Gareth Robinson
Senior Consultant | Sydney

Nicky Curran
Senior Consultant | London

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Nicky Curran

Nicky is an experienced business presentation skills coach, developing her expertise during a successful 20-year career in the corporate events industry.

Nicky’s credentials are strengthened from her two decades of experience coaching and rehearsing presenters at countless live events. Plus, coming from a marketing agency background, she has also herself led, and won, many multi-million-pound new business pitches involving high-pressure, high-stakes presentations.

Nicky is just as passionate about the content of presentations as she is about the delivery.

Coaching presenters ranging from junior executives to government ministers and captains of industry, Nicky has an easy rapport and connection with clients.

A former board member of WPP company Clever Media and Acclaim Events, Nicky has worked in the UK and continental Europe, as well as across the US and Asia.

Particular highlights of her career so far include pitching, winning and then directing the Macau handover for the Portuguese government, and pitching and winning the London Olympic Organising Committee event for the 70,000 Games Makers.

Nicky is a member of the IOIC (Institute of Internal Communications) and EVCOM (Event and Visual Communication Association).

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