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Our battle cry is ‘sustainability!’ and our commitment is to make BOTH an immediate and a sustainable difference to individual AND organisational performance.

Some quick facts

  • Post-program debrief
  • Post-program coaching
  • On-line Performance Support Centre
  • Performance Support Centre engagement statistics and L&D access
  • Remind-Refresh-Reinforce email bulletins
  • Post-program supplementary coaching services

Some more detail

Post-program debrief

As well as providing a collated set of assessment forms after each workshop the program facilitator/coach is available to provide a verbal debrief on each participant to their manager as well as to L&D/HR – discussing with them ways in which they can provide ongoing coaching to their people to help reinforce and extend participants’ skills development.

Post-program coaching

Following all our workshops, each participant has available 30 days’ free email or phone coaching support from their program facilitator/coach. We guarantee to respond to any coaching request within 24hrs.

On-line Performance Support Centre

As an integral part of all training/coaching programs, each participant joins the secondnature alumni and has lifetime exclusive access to a range of presentation development tools on the secondnature Performance Support Centre. These have been specifically designed to reinforce the skills learnt during the workshop and continue successful application in the workplace.

Performance Support Centre engagement statistics and L&D access

We can supply a report on visitor ‘click’ statistics to reveal information about the numbers and actions of executives utilising our Performance Support Centre. To help drive ongoing skills development we can also provide L&D/HR/participants’ managers with access to our Performance Support Centre.

Remind-Refresh-Reinforce email bulletins

Participants receive a suite of detailed and high-value ‘Refresh + Remind + Reinforce’ emails. Each month, for 3 months following their workshop, participants will receive a short email covering three or four practices to recall when preparing and delivering a presentation. Each email includes different tools and techniques to reinforce those introduced during their workshop. A total of eleven topics are covered across the three emails. A final email 6-months after the program follows up with a ‘close-the-circle’ single-question questionnaire asking: how they are using and benefiting from their improved presentation skills. This suite of emails can also be provided for L&D/HR/participants’ managers if appropriate.

Post program coaching services

As well as our 30 day free email/phone coaching support and lifetime access to our Performance Support Centre, we can provide extra-curricular coaching for executives/managers who would benefit from a 1-to-1 approach to their presentation skills development. We also offer specific event consulting for individuals and teams who need to present at high stakes events e.g. tender presentation, presentation to a Board, an industry announcement, or a key note presentation at a conference etc. We can work with your people to develop compelling content (inc. slides), practice and perfect their delivery, and rehearse for the final performance.


Complimentary program support

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