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Feedback from delighted clients

'Belinda was gentle in her approach but still firm on what needed to be done'.

BBC Worldwide
BBC Worldwide

'This was great for helping to map out my slides, ensure I get the point across and has increased my confidence. Excellent, recommended'.

Suzanne Grae
Suzanne Grae

Conference Addresses, Keynote Speeches or Business Event Presentations

If you frequently, or just occasionally, deliver a conference address to a large audience (or a small one!) there is always going to be a place you want to take your listeners to, something you want them to do, think or feel. Whether that’s to have them think differently about a product or service, act on your advice, change their behaviour, invest in your business, or buy in to your plans and recommendations, if you don’t do it well, with authority, credibility and authenticity the impact will be less (and worse) than you want it to be.

The same is true whatever the occasion, or circumstance it is: keynote speech, annual general meeting, quarterly regional marketing forum, investor presentation, planning meeting.

If your delivery is flat, or your message not clear, our conference and event presentation consulting program can help bring you, and it, to life.

We will show you how to develop a truly impactful speaking and presentation style that will help you deliver your message persuasively while building your professional reputation and the reputation of your business.


Tailored And Personalised

  • Presenting for ApplauseOur tailored and personalised programme for senior professionals, technical subject matter experts or category thought-leaders. If you are about to give an important conference address, keynote speech or business event presentation our coaching will help you plan your content, practise your delivery and rehearse for your final performance, ensuring you deliver a presentation people will remember. We will tailor and personalise the focus of the coaching on those areas you need to concentrate on. We’ll help you with your message, your content flow/story, your slides and your delivery. A comprehensive programme to transform your performance!

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How We Help You Deliver Impactful Event Presentations

  • Coaching tailored to fit your organisation’s culture/operations
  • And personalised to fit your unique, individual, specific requirements
  • Video-recorded for objective benchmarking, progress review and private analysis
  • Individualised advice, guidance, feedback and mentoring
  • Innovative Mapper tool for creating clear, compelling presentations
  • 30 days’ post-program coaching support to cement learnings
  • Skills refresher email bulletins to reinforce future skills application
  • Online Performance Support Centre to assist lifelong future learning

World Class Event Presentation Coaching

With a proven track record of delivering exceptional results to nearly every industry sector, we deliver our innovative training Australia-wide.

If you’re looking to become the presenter you’ve always wanted to be and deliver inspiring, engaging and memorable keynote speeches, conference addresses and event presentations, then get in touch with us today.

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